Tales of Cornelio

The Tales of Cornelio are based on the works of J.Picotte
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simple illustration of two faces: Snip, an adult wolf-girl with red eyes, and Nellie, a zombie girl with hair over her left eye simple illustration of three faces: Bane, a raggy wolf man with hair covering most of his face, Wave, a ruggy pirate catboy with an eyepatch, and Snip, a little wolf/human child
Sorty Tidbits

Scan of a pencil drawing illustrating 5 books. The first one belongs to Snip: it has an anatomical heart on the cover and contains medical schematics. The sevond one belongs to wave: it has constellations on the cover and contains maps. The third one belongs to Stewart X: it lookos like a briefcase, and contains various notes. The fourth one is Rumee's: it looks like a scool binder and contains alchemical procedures. The last one belongs to Abigail: it has arcane symbols on the cover and contains spellwork. Magics Gods Geographies Tales of Cornelio Bane & Wave Snip & Nellie Character List The Ranch Hydra Guild Misc Characters